Motobatt Motorcycle Battery CB12A-A, 12N12A-4A-1(813121) Motobatt Motorcycle Battery CB12A-A, 12N12A-4A-1(813121)
AGM Battery Technology AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed battery technology was originally developed for military aircraft where power, weight, safety, and reliability were paramount considerations.
AGM battery technology offers improvements over other sealed battery technologies.
This "next generation" technology delivers increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types, including Gel technology.
These AGM batteries have an extremely low internal electrical resistance combined with faster acid migration, which allows the AGM batteries to deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage than other types of sealed batteries during discharging and charging.
AGM technology batteries can be charged at normal lead-acid regulated charging voltages therefore, it's not necessary to recalibrate charging systems or purchase special battery chargers.