Magnetic Oil Drain Sump Plug Bolt & Washer (Type 012M) Magnetic Oil Drain Sump Plug Bolt & Washer (Type 012M)
The powerful magnet pulls metal flakes and shavings from you oil keeping your bikes motor running with minimal friction and wear. From large metal shavings to microscopic metal dust this drain plug will protect your engine from harmful contaminants and abrasives.

* Protect your bike at the same time make it look better
* Made from quality steel
* Comes with powerful magnets embedded in them so they catch any ferrous metallic particles that might be scraped from cylinder walls or from gears, etc.
* Clean metallic particles off next time you drain the oil

Note: You must check to make sure that there is sufficient clearance for magnetic drain plugs. install the plug and slowly turn the engine over by hand, making sure there is no contact with internal engine components.